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Modern Line
Discover the New Modern Collection 2021-2022

Every Line that runs through my space helps me
to understand every concise form over time.

Sofia Ceramiche

Riser & Centerpiece
Modern and Classic

These risers and these handcrafted centerpiece
Sicilian ceramic art make characteristic every
environment, from modern to classic;
all in a purely Made in Italy style.

Pine cones of Caltagirone
Made entirely by hand

Our Maioliche are made entirely by hand,
the same product will therefore never be perfectly identical 

Ceramic vases
Typical colors of the Sicilian tradition

Polychromatic vases made in shapes and styles with a single design,
which links the classical tradition to the modern one giving rise to our brand.

Moor's Heads
Discover the new collection

This object dates back to the period when Sicily
was formerly under Arab rule.

According to an old legend, two lovers were decapitated
and their heads were exhibited on the balcony.

Majolica Owl
Entirely shaped and decorated by hand

In the Classical mythology, the owl is closely associated
with the Greek goddess Athena and the Roman goddess Minerva:
therefore, it represents wisdom and knowledge.

Molded by hand

These anthropomorphous subjects Had Been filled
with oil and were used to house lighted ambients.
Today, the artist Nicola sang mouldes These figures.
These objects present an innovative Which reopens
ceramic design's fashion and reflects the illuninist period.

Holy Water Font

The holy water font, a sacred object that recalls
the classic style from its origin, is represented with new
plastic and decorative styles to be lived in its most expensive places.

Plastico Sofia Tricolor

...Sometimes the right colours are enough to improve the mood at home…

Plastico Sofia Green & Orange

The personalized and exclusive enamel damage to our every piece
an element of uniqueness and originality. A complement of versatile
furniture that fits perfectly to every style of furniture:
a classic décor and traditional to a more rustic or refined.

Plastico Sofia Blue

Constantly attached to colours and style of Caltagirone ceramics,
this decoration is also characterized by a new design.
Thus, the classical tradition meets modernity.

Ornato Blue & Bordeaux

The lighting effect that we give to our ceramic manufacturing
is the result of a crystallization study that amplifies
and harmonizes the style of lighting effects arising
from the mixture that we give to our colors.

Linea Stars

Soft and delicate colours give this line a unique style.

Ornato Calatino

Vases made of multicolored shapes and styles with
a unique design, which links the classical tradition
to modern calatina giving rise to our brand.

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