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Ceramics production stages

Our production process consists of six essential stages: turning, drying, first cooking, glazing, decoration, ageing.

The extreme care for details is devoted to each of these stages. It is the only way we can give our customers unique, matchless and unalterable products.

lavorazione ceramiche caltagironecotto ceramicadecorazione ceramica caltagirone

Turning and moulding step is to shape and design our artefacts.

The second step is drying our products in a slow, gradual, natural way, without temperature leap. Then, the first cooking takes place by means of electric and gas-fired kilns that heat up to about 1000 degrees.

After that, there is the glazing during which our artefacts acquire a white coloration produced by a mix of oxides and kaolin. Therefore, our items are ready for the decoration and the colours used by our decorators are carefully conceived and realized in our workshop.

The last step deals with a second cooking at about 950 degrees that supplies a shiny crystallization to our products, and the ageing that makes our majolica consistent with typical style of Caltagirone ceramics.

Here is our production stages video.

tornitura e formatura Essiccazione e prima cottura Smaltatura Decorazione Seconda cottura, invecchiamento