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Caltagirone handmade pinecone modeled by hand height 25/40 white line

Rif: 20.WL001


Decor: White Line

Il prodotto è disponibile nelle seguenti misure: altezza 25 cm o 40 cm

Realizzato e decorato interamente a mano.

  • White Line
In Stock

It is a very ancient symbol and we find it in Egypt, in Babylon and in Greece as an image of the divine and immortality. Being a fruit generated by an evergreen, the pine cone symbolized life force and eternity.

The Pinecone is the fruit of the pine tree, which has always contained the symbolic meanings of life force, immortality, divinity, linked to the tree that generates it together with those of fertility and regenerating force for the seeds it contains.

The Sicilian popular tradition believes that it is useful to give pine cones to hang above the front door as a wish for health and good luck to the family who lives there. But the Pinecone is also found on balconies and entrance gates of ancient villas and noble gardens, monumental cemeteries, facades of churches and convents, up to populating the thrones of kings and popes as a materialization of the soul, the bridge that connects the land to the divine.

These meanings materialize in the hands of skilled ceramic artisans who make large and small pine cones. Today the Artistic Pine Cones, used as wedding favors, wedding gifts, interior and exterior furnishings or as a lamp base, remain an exclusive way of expressing a profound wish for well-being.

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Data sheet

White Line
25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm

Specific References

Sofia La Maiolica Calatina

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